Why get involved with The Refugee Therapy Centre?

The Refugee Therapy Centre is an incredible organisation, which with your help, can ensure that refugees and asylum seekers receive crucial help and practical advice as soon as they arrive in the UK, and have continued support throughout the difficult adjustment process. The free time and expertise given by more than 60 volunteers of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds is an enormous asset to our work and many of our volunteers are themselves asylum seekers or refugees.

Volunteers are assigned specific roles within each office, ranging from fundraising, administration and research, to interpreting, befriending clients and mentoring refugees seeking employment or career advice.

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Volunteer Your Time

General Volunteering

At the Refugee Therapy Centre, we rely heavily in the work of our volunteers. We have around 60 volunteers working with us at any one time. Volunteering at The Refugee Therapy Centre will allow you to meet people, gain new skills and experiences, have fun, help out in your local community and gain experience that could help you to obtain paid work. We value the contribution of volunteers in all areas of our work, which includes administration, fundraising, IT, mentoring and bi-lingual support work. 

To apply as a volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Application form below, and email your CV to: aida.therefugeetherapycentre@gmail.com

Become a Mentor

One-to-one language support is provided to help our clients improve their English and to help children with their school work. The aim of the project is to ease the process of integration. Volunteers recruited are medical students at University College London (UCL); thereby increasing future health professionals' understanding of refugees' and asylum seekers' mental health needs while helping refugee and asylum seeker adults and children now.

The Centre runs group mentoring sessions, with the aim of increasing social participation. Mentoring sessions involve help with English language skills through conversation, assistance with understanding official letters and forms, or general help with homework for young people, in an atmosphere of trust in which clients are given full attention.

If you are a medical student and are interested in reading more about the mentoring project, please click below.

Clinical Placement

Each year, we offer a limited amount of clinical placements to trainees studying to become psychotherapist or counsellor, providing supervision, support and opportunity for professional development. If you are currently training to become a psychotherapist or counsellor, and would like to apply for a clinical placement, please send your CV and covering letter by email or post to the Clinical Director.

Our website donation function is currently under maintenance, please directly contact The Refugee Therapy Centre to make a financial contribution. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

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Why donate to The Refugee Therapy Centre?

With your donations we can ensure that refugees and asylum seekers receive psychological support, develop language skills and self esteem, and foster a community for people that may have lost theirs. Together we can enhance opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers, giving them mental heath care, improved language skills and more independence.

What your donation can do:



Will provide a mentoring session to someone that needs education and language support.


Will provide one session with a therapist for someone who needs support processing trauma and adjusting to refugee or asylum seeker status.


Regular Donations

A monthly donation helps us plan for the future and commit to vital long-term projects.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is a tax efficient way of giving directly from your salary. For a higher rate taxpayer, a £10 donation costs just £6 and for a standard rate taxpayer the same donation costs £8. Contact your employer directly to donate from your payroll.

In Celebration

Instead of the traditional gift for your loved one, why not donate to The Refugee Therapy Centre in their name, and we will send them a card to let them know, and in celebration (direct or to the donor’s address). If you are celebrating a wedding or civil partnership, you can use your special day to help a special cause by requesting your guests to donate and contribute to the wellbeing of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. Similarly, birthdays, anniversaries and christenings can be the perfect chance to give back.

If you would like to arrange a donation in celebration, please get in touch!


An incredible way to donate to The Refugee Therapy Centre is legacy giving. This means that a contribution is left in the last will and testament.

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Whether its a sponsored race, bake sale or event, we love to hear about your fundraising efforts. Simply join an event and choose The Refugee Therapy Centre as your sponsorship recipient, and make sure to email us plenty of pictures!

Groups and Companies

Fundraising for The Refugee Therapy Centre is a great way of getting your company together to participate in something amazing for an amazing cause. Set your team a challenge and get them working towards this together, its a great sociable way to give! You can also participate in fundraising events as a group or company, we also encourage companies to choose The Refugee Therapy Centre as your ‘charity of the year’, to sponsor an event or publication and to encourage employees to give what they can through payroll. By supporting us, your company will have a direct impact on the quality of life of refugees and asylum seekers, build morale among staff and stand out against your competitors.

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 Spread the Word

We understand that not everyone is able to give their time and money towards causes like The Refugee Therapy Centre, so if you believe in protecting, raising up, educating and improving the mental health of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, please encourage others to volunteer and donate to The Refugee Therapy Centre. You can spread the word by sharing our website on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or distributing this website and information to your contacts. We would like to reach as many people as possible with our aims and message, and continue to offer life changing services to refugees and asylum seekers, so please spread the word!